Instructional Coaching Best Practices

n the past decade, there has been an emphasis on instructional coaching and the impact it has on student success. This webinar will describe different models of instructional coaching that have been utilized in Early College High Schools in the United States. You will learn the benefits of each model to identify which is the best fit for your campus.


Coaching to Transform Traditional Science Classroom into Authentic Inquiry

Wednesday, November 9th – 4:00 – 5:30 pm (EST)

Learn how a master teacher works with teachers to transform their classrooms into project based inquiry models. This webinar features a mentor and mentee in a dialogue that unpacks the steps that were taken and the impact of each step on the teacher and the students. Engage with these teachers from Ypsilanti STEMM MCHS as they share the project, the process and the results.

D. Scott Heister & Lindsay Hershberger
Michigan Early/Middle College Association (MEMCA)

Pave the Way for Coaches

Principles must support instructional coaches in order for their work to be effective.

Best Practices In Instructional Coaching

Iowa Education Agencies Report on Instructional Caoching

The Coaching Cycle

This a visual of the coaching cycle used for instructional coaching with teachers in Brownsville.

Individual Coaching Plan

EdTX coaches for ECEP schools in Texas use this tool for teacher goal setting at the beginning of a coaching experience.

Teacher Observation Completed Sample

EdTX coaches for ECEP schools in Texas use this tool for observing student learning and classroom instruction.

Skill Will Matrix

EdTX Coaches for ECEP schools in Texas use this tool to help them strategize individual teacher coaching.

Individual Coaching Plan

EdTX Coaches for ECEP schools in Texas use this for goal setting with the teacher at the beginning of the coaching experience.