Coaches' Reporting Tool

The Coaches Reporting Tool is an online reporting tool for submitting coaching activities.

Tips for submitting coaching activities

Click on “Add a New Activity” to begin developing your report.

Select your program and report type (i.e. leadership coaching, other etc.).

For Description:
•    Please be succinct and report what has been accomplished. 
•    This will be very public to JFF and Evaluators
•    This document will be used to help the evaluators justify the hours you reported you worked on your submitted timesheets.

Use the “Upload a File” option at the bottom to include all artifacts, notes, resources, and tools related to the work. Administrators will be able to access reports and add notes at the bottom in addition to creating reports.

At the bottom of the screen, SAVE ALL CHANGES. Use this button often to save your work as you enter your report for the month. 

Click “View” to look at a report. Users will only have access to their own report. Administrators will be able to view reports as well as print, email or save them to your computer.

Keep in Mind: All information included in the report is public information. Updates to report are not allowed 2 weeks after initial report was created. Administrators have access to viewing all reports related to your project but will not be able to edit these reports.